Change to Tuesday 15th Nov workshop/meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the “The Presentation Lifecycle: From Ideation to Preparation” workshop by Brad Revell on Tues 15th Nov is now cancelled.

However, we will be running a regular meeting, so as usual, doors open at 6:30pm to members and guests. Our committee is working hard in the background to make the late adjustments so that we have our usual fantastic meeting ; please bear with us with the change and if you have any questions, you can get in touch at:

District 91 Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest results

A brilliant District 91 convention on Saturday 5th November, filled with insight, meeting old and new Toastmasters of which some had traveled from other continents and of course laughing at some great jokes.


Thien Trang started the morning with very funny and heartfelt keynote speech on her journey to becoming this year’s District 91 Speech champion and her success in the world finals in Washington (placed in top 10 in the world!).

In the contests, due to huge membership growth over the year, District 91 has now expanded to 7 Divisions, each one providing a Humorous Speech champion and a Table Topics champion – these champions have won their respective Club, Area and then Division contests to get to this final. One of our members, Leanne had succeeded through all these rounds in the Table Topics contest and we were cheering her on to go for the District title.

The quality of speeches this year was outstanding and huge congratulations to everyone who took part. The results are as follows:

Humorous Speech Contest competitors (in speaking order)

  • Richard Day – Education, Education, Education
  • Ian Hawkins – A big, little country
  • Angela Meringolo – I am a single lady
  • Sean little – TRM made me a man
  • Dallas Leigh-Martene – Jump
  • Mark Pratt – Top tips for top public speaking
  • Gareth McHale – Flop

Table Topics Contest Competitors (in speaking order – with the impromptu topic: “With culture obsessed with youth, is there a place for age and experience?”)

  • Chris Boden
  • Leanne Wenham
  • Daniel Broadbent
  • Jamie Jai
  • Steve Dance
  • David Saer
  • Andrew Klimaytys

And the results for the Humorous Speech Contest:

  • Winner: Dallas Leigh-Marlene
  • Second Place: Sean Little
  • Third Place: Gareth McHale

And the results for the Table Topics Contest:

  • Winner: Andrew Kilmaytys
  • Second Place: David Saer
  • Third Place: Steven Dance

Whilst she didn’t place, it was a great performance from Leanne who did our club proud.

The next conference will be in Southampton 5th-7th May 2017, hosting the International Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest. Details will be sent out soon.

Meeting notes 1st Nov

I hope everyone had a great Halloween over the weekend. This evening we had a “communication” packed Toastmasters meeting.


Rachel opened up the meeting as Club President and we have 3 exciting things coming up over the next few weeks:

  • Leanne representing our club at the District Contest this Saturday 5th Nov – we wish her all the best
  • Brad will be delivering his Presentation Lifecycle workshop on 15th Nov
  • Our club Christmas social will be on Tues 6th December, starting with a short table topics session, we will then head over the restaurant for meal, drinks and laughs

Our Toastmaster this evening was Charlotte, making sure the right people, spoke at the right time on the right topic.

Time was monitored by Darius, he is a new member and he did an outstanding job in his first role.

Kirsty was our Grammarian, choosing “Transmogrify” as the word of the day, which referred to transforming in a surprising or magical manner.

Leanne introduced our new guests for the evening.

Rachel was our Table Topics Master, with a secret bag of items as theme for the evening.

Ana was our Table Topics Evaluator, giving our guests and members lots of feedback.

We had 3 great speeches tonight at the start of the second half (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Brad – “The Pen is mightier than the Keyboard” – An advanced technical speech project on how you capture information affects how well you recall it (Marcelo)
  • Ada – “Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam” – A project #3 speech on communication and broadening your horizons through language learning (Simonetta)
  • Ga Lok– “The Accidental Handshake” – An advanced speech on how to have to make a better 2nd/3rd impression and the perils (Tom)

Congratulations to Ada for best speaker, Simonetta for best evaluator and Brad + Kirsty with their best table topic selling their mysterious wares.

Congratulations Leanne and Brad

A brilliant Division K contest, filled with hilarious speeches; Brad and Leanne had won the Area 58 contest and were now representing our club on Saturday

The results:

Brad, with his speech “The Rules of Engagement” came 3rd place.

Leanne, answering the table topic “Should public transport be free?” gave an original and thought provoking answer that it depends on whether it was good value for money, contrasting her experiences inside and outside of London. Leanne came First place and is our Division K champion.

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender

The final:

Leanne will now compete at the highest level for Table Topics, the District contest on Saturday 5th November. Sean Little, who won the Humorous Speech contest will also represent Division K.

Details of the contest can be found at:

It’s in Woking, just 30 mins outside London, it will be great to get as many members as we can to cheer Leanne on!

CANCELLED – New workshop – The Presentation Lifecycle: From Ideation to Preparation

Update: 11/11/2016

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this workshop on Tues 15th Nov is cancelled and will be replaced by a regular meeting. Once this workshop is re-scheduled, we will post an update on the details.


City of London Toastmasters are delighted to host this workshop for those looking for inspiration for their next speech. Note, this replaces our regular meeting on Tues 15th Nov. Details below:


Do you think coming up with a speech idea is hard? What about preparing to present that idea? Finding the right idea or topic that resonates AND preparing for the presentation isn’t easy for most of us. What if there was a different approaches that required less time with reduced complexity?

The presentation lifecycle is a six stage process where you work through ideation, development, preparation, presentation, feedback and reflection. In this workshop we will go through the first three stages. The first stage will help you with an approach in generating ideas for speech topics. The second stage aids you in the development of a speech. The last stage will provide you with a set of tools in preparing, memorising and rehearsing your speech so that you’re ready to ace your presentation!

The workshop will be delivered by Brad Revell, he has been a Toastmaster for over 13 years with clubs in Australia, Asia, USA and now the UK. He has presented to many Fortune Global 500 C-Level Executives all over the world. On top of his day job in Management Consulting, Brad has been a DJ, a Group Fitness Instructor, a Speed Reading Teacher and continues to consume 75+ non-fiction books a year. Brad is the current Area 58 champion for humorous speaking and will be competing in Division K on Saturday 22nd October.

When: Tuesday 15th November 2016, from 7pm to 9pm.

Where: St Botolph’s Aldgate, Aldgate High St, London EC3N 1AB

City of London is looking forward to seeing you there, and there is no need to register, just turn up!

Meeting notes 18th Oct and reminder for this Saturday

A happy mid-October to everyone. We had plenty of guests this evening but lower than expected regular members. A quick note of thanks to Leanne, Ana, Ada, Tom and Ga Lok for running today’s meeting.


A massive congratulations to Shamim who completed his Competent Communicator Manual with his 10th speech to Inspire the Audience “Children without Borders”. Also well done to Kirsty who delivered her second speech “V is for Vegan”

Our other winners this evening were Kirsty for Best Table Topic and Tom for Best Evaluator.

A reminder that this Saturday, Brad and Leanne will be representing our club at the Division K Humorous Speech and Table Topic contest this Saturday. It will be held at the Wesley Euston Hotel; there will also be workshops, a raffle and a chance to mingle with Toastmasters from across London. All details can be found at

Otherwise, we will see you at the next meeting on Tues 1st November.

Area 58 Champions – Congratulations Brad and Leanne

A double victory for City of London Toastmasters as Brad won the Humorous Speech contest and Leanne won the Table Topics contest. They were up against tough competition against the best club speakers in Area 58 and they showed them how brilliant they were. Brad and Leanne will now represent the Club and Area at the  Division K contest on Saturday 22nd Oct. Details further below.





Area 58 Contest details:

Humorous Speech Contest (in speaking order)

  • Ranny Russell
  • David Goodman
  • Jodiann Gayle (Runner Up)
  • Brad Revell (Winner)

Table Topics Contest (in speaking order)

If you could brainwash anyone, who would that be and why? (they can be alive or dead)

  • Kendall Parmar (Runner Up)
  • Andrew Hodgett (Third place)
  • Ehime Enahoro
  • Leann Wenham (Winner)
  • Project Patel

What’s next?

The next round will be the Division K contest on Saturday 22nd October, at the Wesley Hotel near Euston. If will be a fun packed afternoon of workshops, a raffle and of course the two contest to determine who will go onto the national finals. Please register at:

Have a great week

Meeting Notes 4th October

A warm welcome to all of our members who renewed and and we had more than 10 guests this evening to discover Toastmasters.


Rachel opened up the meeting as Club President.

Our Toastmaster this evening was Hugh, who managed to fit in the word of the day many many times.

Time was monitored by Leanne, with all our timing cards.

Brad was our Grammarian, choosing “Cabal as the word of the day, which referred to groups.

Christine introduced our new guests for the evening as well as sharing her own experience in becoming a member of Toastmasters.

Shamim was our Table Topics Master, picking news topics as the theme for the evening.

Kirsty was our Table Topics Evaluator, with a whopping 8 evaluations so that guests and members received lots of feedback.

We had 3 great speeches tonight at the start of the second half (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Simonetta – “The Power of DNA tests” – A project #2 detailing her experienced of testing for illnesses (Ana)
  • Ada – “The bitter truth about sugar” – Another project #2 speech on the dangerous effects of too much sugar (Marcelo)
  • Doris– “5 years in the making” – Her icebreaker speaker to introduce her to the club and it’s taken a long time to get here (Tom)

Congratulations to Ada for best speaker, Tom for best evaluator and Andrew with best table topic defending pigeons.

A reminder that Brad and Leanne will be representing the club at the Area level humorous speech and table topic contest on Mon 10th October at the London Law school, near Moorgate. Everyone is encouraged to come along to cheer them on to success.

You can register here:

Have a great week.

Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest results

Hello Everyone and what a brilliant competition we had this evening.

For the humorous speech contest our competitors were:

  • Hugh McCarthy – A necklace of defeats
  • Brad Revell – Rules of Engagement
  • Jack Tomlin – The Night That Saved My Career

For the table topics contest, where our competitors were asked: if they stepped onto a bus which could take them anywhere, where would they go and what would they do?

  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Dami Sangobiyi
  • Dimos Mouskovias
  • Leanne Wenham
  • Christine Harris

A massive congratulations to:

  • Brad for winning the speech contest
  • Leanne for winning the table topics contest


Both of our club representatives will now go onto the Area contest on Mon 10th October to compete against the winners of the other clubs in our area. We will send a reminder closer to the time on the location and times of the contest so that we can cheer Brad and Leanne on.

A special thanks to all of our helpers to make this evening happen – Rachel and Leanne as organisers, Graham and Kirsty as timekeepers, Ada and Ann-Madeleine as counters, Simonetta as our Sargent of Arms. Plus all of the judges from other clubs for visiting.

Our next meeting will be on Tues 4th October, look forward to seeing you then.

Meetings, upcoming contest and membership renewal deadline


Congratulations to Jack  for best Table Topic Speaker and Christine for Best Evaluator this week. Well done to Simonetta and Kirsty who completed their Ice Breaker speeches during the meeting this week.


A reminder that the next meeting on Tues 20th September will be our humourous speech and table topics contest – the winners will then go onto represent our club at the area contest and may then go all the way to the national finals.

If you are a current member, then you are eligible to compete, please get in touch with President Rachel.


Also a reminder about about your renewal (in case you haven’t done it yet) which is due now on the 23rd of September.

We would be thrilled to have you with us for another great year of improvement on your communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

As you are an existing member, the annual renewal fee cost as little as £80, and it will last until Sept 2017!

The fees cover hiring of the church venue, the fee to Toastmasters International USA, to maintain our affiliation to Toastmasters, and the rest is available to be used throughout the year by our club, organising special events (coming very soon) and paying for club supplies amongst other things.

Payment must be made in full, and please be aware of our deadline, so we can process them before the Toastmasters International renewal deadline.

Any questions can be sent to

Have a great week ahead