Monthly Archives: November 2017

The best time is now!

The best time to learn…to improve… to have fun is right now, and our meeting last night has proven that once again!

Saloomeh has done a great job as the Toastmasters of the evening for the very first time. Well done to Tim and Shalini who have taken on the evaluator and timekeeper role for the first time too!

Finally, the award goes to…..

  • David for best Table Topic
  • Brad for best Evaluator
  • Ryan for best Speech


Thanks everyone for attending the meeting tonight and we are looking forward to seeing you on the 5th December.


Get inspired at City of London Toastmasters!

Our meeting last Tuesday was splendiferous!!thanks Grammarian Andrew for the word of the day 😉

And huge congratulations to Daniel for taking the Table topic Master role for the first time!!

Another BIG congratulation to Sofia, for Best Table Topic and to Andrew, for Best Evaluator.

And finally, we had two great speech, Tim with ‘The pros and cons of time travel’ and Sue with ‘Missing?!’

Thanks everyone for attending it and we see you again on the 21st 😉


Happy Halloween fellow Toastmasters and most welcoming guests!

Our meeting wasn’t a scary one… but an encouraging one instead! 🙂 Thanks everyone for attending it!

Well done Saloomeh for delivering your icebreaker speech and Ryan for taking on the evaluator role for the very first time!

And a huge congratulations to Hugh who won best table topic, Ryan best evaluator and Saloomeh for winning the best speech titled ‘Dont judge a book by its cover’.
We see you all on the 7th November!!