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And August is coming to an end….

The last meeting of August could not have been any better. Thanks everyone for attending it.
Brad won best evaluator of the evening, Ankit won best table topic and Sue was the winner with her icebreaker speech title ‘Four Cities’. Extended congratulations also to Tim for delivering his Icebreaker speech as well.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting on 5th September. It will be a jolly one with our Humorous Speech Contest and table Topic contest!

Our meeting on 15th August

Our meeting last Tuesday was great fun, very informative and with quite a few guests, which we love to have around as much as the members;)

What also made this evening very special was members delivering a role for the first time: Cristelle as Toastmasters, Charlene as Timekeeper, Tim as Sergeant at arms and Darren as Grammarian. Well done guys for putting yourself out there, you have done an excellent job!

We had a few Debate topics during the first half of the meeting and the winner was Sue who made great use of storytelling. Best evaluator went to Kirsty evaluating Daniel’s speech, and Daniel did an amazing job with his powerful ‘ You will get there’ speech and won the best speech of the evening.

Thanks everyone for participating and we are looking forward to seeing you on the 29th.



Hello fellow Toastmasters!

Are you ready to extend your skills even further and still have lots of fun? If your answer is YES and I hope it is, here is your chance!

On 5th September we will be holding our TABLE TOPICS AND HUMOROUS SPEECH CONTEST at our normal venue and it is going to be an entertaining evening!

There is no barrier to entry, as long as you are a member you can either participate or help out running the contest on the night.

You can participate in different ways:

1- By taking part of the context – You are free to enter both contests, in fact, we encourage it


  1. As with a normal session of table topics, you will be given a random topic.
  2. Prior to the start of the contest, participants will be briefed on the rules and draw for the running order.
  3. All participants will be given the same topic.
  4. All participants will be asked to leave the room at the start of the contest and the topic will be given upon re-entry (so you don’t hear other speakers before your turn).
  5. The minimum time is 1min and 30secs and maximum permitted is 2min 30secs (there will be a timekeeper there, as usual, to signal – Green (1min), Amber (1.30min) and Red (2mins).


  1. Essentially a funny speech with your own content.
  2. Minimum time 4mins and 30secs and maximum permitted is 7mins 30secs (there will be a timekeeper there, as usual, to signal – Green (5mins), Amber (6mins) and Red (7mins).
  3. Prior to the start of the contest, participants will be briefed on the rules and draw for the running order.

The contest itself also showcases our club to the wider toastmasters community. There will be 5 external judges from other clubs (other toastmasters like our good selves), so the winner will be determined by very fair scoring criteria.

2- Helping to run the Contest

Please put yourself forward if you do not wish to enter the contest and want to help out on the night. There are a number of roles to fill. As follows:

  1. Contest Chair for one or both of the contests
  2. Chief judge
  3. A Tiebreaking judge
  4. Two counters
  5. Two Timers
  6. Sergeant at arms

Please note that you cannot participate in both contests if you have any functionary role in the evening. You can sign up for the roles or contest participation on Easyspeak or respond to this email and let us know your preference.

We are counting on you to make this evening a remarkable one!


A summary of our 1st meeting in August 2017

We can’t get enough!Yet another incredible meeting ????
We had a full agenda with 4 amazing speeches:
-Brad spoke on Easyspeaker, completing another advanced manual- congratulations!
-Charlotte informed us on open dialogue on mental health;
-Cristelle inspired everyone to be brave and step outside their comfort zone;
-and Tom touched our heart with his personal story- HIS SPEECH WAS THE WINNER, well done!
Congratulations also to Saloomeh for Best Table Topic speech on her male version and Michael and Hugh for sharing best evaluators!

Thanks everyone that took on a role – you were awesome!

Guests and members, we hope to see you all at our next meeting on the 15th August!