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Our newsletter is published

Hello everyone, the Toastmasters Year runs from July till June, so we’ve  now reached the end of the 2016-17 TM year !

It’s a been a busy time filled with meetings, contests and socials. We’ve published  the end of year newsletter that brings together the highlights; including photos, events and introducing your new committee that starts on 1st July 2017.

City of London Toastmasters Newsletter June 2017

Meeting update 20th June

Hello to a hot Toastmasters evening.

Thanks to our functionaries and speakers this evening, Tom (standing in President), Ga Lok (Toastmaster), Dimos (Timekeeper), Leanne (Grammarian), Steff (Table Topics Master), Tom (Table Topics Evaluator) and Cristelle (Sargent at Arms).

As grammarian, Leanne picked Indelible as the word of the day

Two speeches this evening:

  • Sophie: “Orion the hunter”, a guest speaker delivering a speech from her advanced Storytelling manual, speech evaluated by Ga Lok
  • Darius “Happy?”, his #2 speech project, speech evaluated by Hugh

We welcomed Alex De Jong who provided a wonderfully insightful General Evaluation of the meeting.

Congratulations to Alex for winning best table topic and Hugh for best evaluator.

Also, as we come towards the end of June, this marks the end of our Toastmasters’ year, it’s been a fantastic time of celebration and next week the end of year newsletter will be published. Keep an eye out for it and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Tues 4th July

Meeting update 6th June and club election results update

Thanks to all of our functionaries and speakers this evening.

Rachel (President), Leanne (Toastmaster), Stephanie (Timekeeper), Michael (Grammarian), Marcelo (Table Topics Master), Rachel (Table Topics Evaluator) and Chris (Sargent at Arms).

As grammarian, Michael picked Serendipitous as the word of the day

Two speeches this evening:

  • Darius: “I am change”, his icebreaker speech evaluated by Tom
  • Cristelle “Are you not sweet enough?”, her #3 speech project evaluated by Daniel

Congratulations to Ben for winning best table topic and Rachel for best evaluator.

We also had our club elections to put in place our new committee starting on the 1st of July. Congratulations to your incoming team:

  • Tom O’Toole: Club President
  • Ana Lesnaja and Felicitas Weber: Shared VP Education
  • Cristelle Delaporte: VP Membership
  • Marcelo Prado: Treasurer
  • Shamim Ahmed: Sergeant at arms
  • Rachel De Cesaro: VP mentoring and Social Media

Looking forward to seeing you in future meetings, next one is on 20th June.