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Meeting update 30th May

A happy Bank Holiday to everyone at City Speakers.

In this evening Tom was standing in for President and Toastmaster for the day. Michael was our Timekeeper. Leanne was Table Topics Master with the theme of national celebrations, Ga Lok was Topics evaluator. Dimos was Sargent of Arms to introduce the guests.

We had a great speech from Stephanie – “Life in a shaky city”. This was a project #2 and gave a personal account of the impact of the earthquake hitting Christchurch. The speech was evaluated by Christine.

Congratulations to Dimos for winning best table topic with his Wrong Trousers. A shorter meeting that usual, this meant more time in the pub afterwards!

Next meeting will be Tues 6th June, see you then.


Spring Social

Improving our confidence in speaking and leadership requires a strong support network. Priding ourselves on being one of the friendliest clubs in London, last Thursday was our Spring Social at City Zebrano bar, bringing together Toastmasters from City Speakers, Broadgate and PMI clubs !

Wishing everyone a great weekend and looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting.


Meeting Update 16th May

Thanks to all of our functionaries and speakers this evening.

Rachel (President), Shamim (Toastmaster), Michael (Timekeeper), Andrew (Table Topics Master), Marcelo (Table Topics Evaluator) and Daniel (Sargent at Arms).

Four speeches this evening:

  • Cristelle: “Organisation 101”, speech evaluated by Leanne
  • Rachel “The family we choose”, speech evaluated by Christine
  • Tom “The evaluation of fear”, speech evaluated by Daniel
  • Ada “Be careful what you wish for”, speech evaluated by Brad

Congratulations to Brad for winning best table topic, Christine for best evaluator and Tom for best speech.

See you at our Spring Social on Thursday the 18th May, with our sister clubs Broadgate Speakers and PMI Speakers, this will be a more informal event to socialise and enjoy laughs with fellow Toastmasters,

Next meeting Tues 30th May

District Conference overview and results

The District 91 Conference was hosted in Southampton this year. Named the Mayflower conference, it brought together Toastmasters from across the country to “discover new worlds”. We had the pleasure of of being inspired by Mark Brown, the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking, since winning he has delivered more than 3,500 presentations, to more than 1.7 million people on 5 continents. We also heard from Mike Storkey, the Toastmasters International President who had travelled over from Australia to visit the conference; and we also had a series of workshops on a diverse set of leadership topics including: Gravitas, Mentoring and Debating.

Of course, the main events were the International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest, with Tom O’Toole  representing City of London Toastmasters as a finalist in the Evaluation contest. Both competitions were were incredible in terms of standard, everyone did very well.

The final results are:

International Speech Contest

  • 1st Simon Bucknall
  • 2nd Ola Aralepo
  • 3rd Sonia Aste

Speech Evaluation Contest

  • 1st Tazud Miah
  • 2nd Bob Nisbet
  • 3rd Charlotte Hitchings

Massive congratulations to Simon and Taz. Simon will now be preparing for his international semi-final and possibly final in Vancouver, Canada. All the best to him.

Meeting Update 2nd May plus upcoming District Conference

Rachel opened the club meeting and welcomed everyone, we had 4 brilliant speeches this evening.

Our Toastmaster was Brad, who ran the meeting and introduced the theme of the Toastmasters promise.

Cristelle was our Timekeeper to keep the meeting on time with the cards and bell.

Charlotte was our Grammarian with the word of the day Integrity

Ga Lok was our Table Topics Master, with unusual laws around the world, Rachel provided feedback to all of our Table Topic speakers.

Daniel was our Sargent at Arms to introduce the guests, and asking them what brought them to the meeting and what they did over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Four speeches this evening:

  • Dami with his Project#4 speech: “Later”, speech evaluated by Charlotte
  • Chris with his Icebreaker speech covering Civil Engineering, Climbing and Cinema, speech evaluated by Shamim
  • Michael with his Icebreaker speech that covered new laws he would introduce, speech evaluated by Leanne
  • Sean with his competition speech: “Every Little Helps: Even Me!”, speech evaluated by Marcelo

Congratulations to joint winners Dami and Ankit for winning best table topic, Leanne for best evaluator and Dami again for best speech. Great icebreaker speeches from Chris and Michael.

We are planning a Spring Social on Thursday the 18th May, with our sister clubs Broadgate Speakers and PMI Speakers, this will be a more informal event to socialise and enjoy laughs with fellow Toastmasters, please keep the date in your diary and more details will be sent out soon.

This weekend will be the District Conference, hosting workshops with world champions and of course the speech contest and evaluation contest. All the best Sean and Tom who will be presenting Division K. Details at:

Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting on Tues 16th May. Usual place and doors open at 6:30pm