Meeting update 4th April

Rachel opened the club meeting as President and welcomed everyone.

Our Toastmaster was Ana, opening the meeting to welcome everyone and making sure the evening ran smoothly

Ankit was our timekeeper to keep the meeting on time with the cards and bell.

Brad was our Grammarian, choosing Agnostic as our word of the day.

Ga Lok was our Table Topics Master, with April Fools Headlines as the theme, Marcelo provided feedback to all of our Table Topic speakers.

Rachel was our Sargent at Arms to introduce the guests, and asking them what brought them to the meeting

Four speeches this evening:

  • Rachel with her #5 speech: “Head, shoulders, knees and toes!”, speech evaluated by Kirsty
  • Leanne with her Advanced Speech Project: “The Highwayman”, speech evaluated by Brad
  • Felicitas with her #5 speech : “What do you do in a world where money doesn’t count? ”, speech evaluated by Ada
  • Hugh with his Advanced Speech Project: “Map Wars”, speech evaluated by Tom

Congratulations to Andrew for winning best table topic on in-car dating apps, Brad for best evaluator and joint winners Rachel and Hugh for best speech.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting on Tues 18th April. Usual place and doors open at 6:30pm

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