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Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest results

Hello Everyone and what a brilliant competition we had this evening.

For the humorous speech contest our competitors were:

  • Hugh McCarthy – A necklace of defeats
  • Brad Revell – Rules of Engagement
  • Jack Tomlin – The Night That Saved My Career

For the table topics contest, where our competitors were asked: if they stepped onto a bus which could take them anywhere, where would they go and what would they do?

  • Hugh McCarthy
  • Dami Sangobiyi
  • Dimos Mouskovias
  • Leanne Wenham
  • Christine Harris

A massive congratulations to:

  • Brad for winning the speech contest
  • Leanne for winning the table topics contest


Both of our club representatives will now go onto the Area contest on Mon 10th October to compete against the winners of the other clubs in our area. We will send a reminder closer to the time on the location and times of the contest so that we can cheer Brad and Leanne on.

A special thanks to all of our helpers to make this evening happen – Rachel and Leanne as organisers, Graham and Kirsty as timekeepers, Ada and Ann-Madeleine as counters, Simonetta as our Sargent of Arms. Plus all of the judges from other clubs for visiting.

Our next meeting will be on Tues 4th October, look forward to seeing you then.

Meetings, upcoming contest and membership renewal deadline


Congratulations to Jack  for best Table Topic Speaker and Christine for Best Evaluator this week. Well done to Simonetta and Kirsty who completed their Ice Breaker speeches during the meeting this week.


A reminder that the next meeting on Tues 20th September will be our humourous speech and table topics contest – the winners will then go onto represent our club at the area contest and may then go all the way to the national finals.

If you are a current member, then you are eligible to compete, please get in touch with President Rachel.


Also a reminder about about your renewal (in case you haven’t done it yet) which is due now on the 23rd of September.

We would be thrilled to have you with us for another great year of improvement on your communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

As you are an existing member, the annual renewal fee cost as little as £80, and it will last until Sept 2017!

The fees cover hiring of the church venue, the fee to Toastmasters International USA, to maintain our affiliation to Toastmasters, and the rest is available to be used throughout the year by our club, organising special events (coming very soon) and paying for club supplies amongst other things.

Payment must be made in full, and please be aware of our deadline, so we can process them before the Toastmasters International renewal deadline.

Any questions can be sent to

Have a great week ahead