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Meeting notes Tues 30th August

Welcome back everyone from your Bank holiday break. It’s the 5th Tuesday of the month and therefore an extra Toastmasters meeting !!!


Rachel opened up the meeting as Club President, welcoming people back from their Summer breaks.

Our Toastmaster this evening was Leanne, she stepped into the role at late notice and stewarded the meeting with great success.

Time was monitored by Ga Lok, who mentioned the impatience you might feel when becoming a Londoner.

Simonetta, a new member taking on her first functionary role at the club was our Grammarian, choosing “Bravery” as the word of the day and offering a refreshing summary of well chosen words, plus a count of ums and ahhs.

Dami introduced our new guests for the evening as well as sharing his own experience in becoming a member of Toastmasters.

Due to constraints on time with a packed agenda, there were no table topics tonight but they will return in our next meeting !

We had 4 great speeches tonight at the start of the second half (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Ana – “Ben Nevis” – A project #8 detailing her love of hiking, her boots and her trip to Ben Nevis (Christine)
  • Brad – “Video killed the radio star” – An advanced speech detailing the importance of recording yourself to become a better speaker (Dami)
  • Amy – “A night to remember” – Visiting from Sheffield Speakers, her fact filled speech about the Titanic (Rachel)
  • Shibesh  – “24 hours city” – Visiting from PMI Speakers, his project #2 speech on the night tube opening up (Leanne)

We also had Tomasz, the Area 58 Director providing feedback on the whole meeting as General Evaluator.

Congratulations this evening to Amy, winning best speaker with her confession that she is a “Titani-rac”. She heads back up North at the end of the Summer and we wish her well.

Our next meeting is on Tues 6th September. Don’t forget that the annual membership fees are due plus we have the Humorous speech coming up on 20th September. We are also planning our Autumn social to celebrate another of year of renewals, all suggestions on location are welcome.

Please email : if you have any questions.

Have a great week.

Congratulations Thein (World Semi Final winner) + fingers crossed for today

The Toastmasters Global conference in Washington this year is in full flow, brining together the best speakers from around the world and hosting the International Speech Contest.

On Thursday, Thein Trang Nguyen Phan from St Paul’s Speakers in London; won her International Semi Final round, placing her as one of the top 10 speakers in the world ! The final is on today and all UK Toastmasters will be cheering her on. After winning the District 91 Speech contest back in May, she has been getting better and better in preparation for this contest.

Picture of her win and details of the other 9 finalists below; you can follow all the updates on the Toastmasters website and the UK Toastmasters Facebook page will be specifically tracking Thein’s progress.

Semifinal 1 winner: Katina Hunter (D13)
Semifinal 2 winner: Donald Crandell (D39)
Semifinal 3 winner: Elliott Eddie (D66)
Semifinal 4 winner: Thein Trang Nguyen Phan (D91)
Semifinal 5 winner: Aaron Beverly (D18)
Semifinal 6 winner: Kim Kaufman (D54)
Semifinal 7 winner: Sherwood Jones (D1)
Semifinal 8 winner: Kaishika Rodrigo (D82)
Semifinal 9 winner: Darren Tay Wen Jie (D80)
Semifinal 10 winner: Josephine Lee (DF)

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A big welcome to all the guests

A very happy Summer sunshine. The holiday season meant we ran a shorter meeting this evening, however this did not deter the wonderful guests of which we had nearly 20 people coming to find out about Toastmasters and our club.

Thanks to Christoph, Amanda, Leigh, Ada and Shamim who took on key roles and helped the meeting run smoothly.

Congratulations to our guest, Nicholas for Winning Best Table Topic speaker, and to Leigh who gave an advanced speech relating to statistics and death; this was both entertaining and educational.

The post meeting drinks at the Hoop and Grapes was great fun with our guests, and I’m proud that we are one of the most friendly and social clubs in London.

Next meeting will be Tues 30th August, just after the Bank Holiday – see you then !


Upcoming workshops to improve your skills and latest meeting notes


The final month of Summer is upon us, why not enjoy the sunshine and support you development with the following workshops coming up:

SPEAKING OFF THE CUFF WORKSHOP on Mon 8th  August @ University of Law, London

The business world and work environment is changing at an alarming late and becoming more demanding than ever! Long gone are the days when employers hired only based on technical skills. Besides, with very many changes happening in the economy and job market in the recent past, you need to sharpen your negotiations and selling  skills MORE than EVER before. These days  good communication skills is a must have DNA! To help you improve on your impromptu speaking skills, 1st London are hosting a free workshop which is open to everyone. Register at:

Toastmasters Leadership Institute on Tues 13th August @ Wesley Hotel near Euston, London

Division B & Division K with support of District 91 have collaborated to deliver London’s first ever Leadership Institute! Equip yourself with key skills to become a better leader at the club level and in your professional life.

  • Teambuilding & teamwork for club committees
  • How to create a quality club
  • Effective planning and goalsetting for success

Register at:

Earlier this week we had an active meeting, hearing 2 inspiring speeches (their speech evaluators in brackets):

Dami S – “Habits” An overview of why we have habits and how can we build good habits to improve our lives (Marcelo)

Tom T – “BE SUAVE” An acronym for a memory enhancement technique, specifically to help recall names and build better relationships (Leanne)

With thanks to Dimos our Toastmasters, Tom P our Timekeeper, Ga Lok our Topics Master, Rachel our Topics Evaluator and Jack our Sargent at Arms.

Congratulations to Marcus for winning Best Table Topic speaker “in charge of the big door” and Leanne for winning best evaluator.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th August, usual place St Botolph’s Church, usual doors open at 6:30pm

Aug meeting