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Extra meeting 29th Sept results

Despite a power outage and some friendly help from UKPN, another excellent meeting.

Paul, the President opened the meeting and gave an update on the contest held 2 weeks. The Area 58 contest, in which Paul will be representing the club in both the humours speech and table topics contest against 6 other clubs in the area is on tonight, out our meeting venue so we have home advantage.

Rachel as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and reminded them to stretch themselves and get outside their comfort zones.

Kylie was our timekeeper; she recently joined the club and this was her first functionary role to ensure all speakers kept to time.

Felicitas was our Table Topics Master, using unusual facts as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Leanne was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 10 table topics.

Dami, another brand new member having visited several times as a guest; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Lucas– What defines me (Shamim)
  • Marcelo – How sweet is sweet enough (Leigh)
  • Olli (a visiting Toastmaster from Southampton)– My Trip to the dentist (Hugh)

It was a likely and action packed meeting; congratulations to Lucas for delivering his Icebreaker speech, Marcelo winning best speech, Leanne winning best evaluator and Ga Lok who won best table topic.


See you at the area contest on 30th Sept and the next meeting on Tuesday 6th October.

Ga Lok

Humorous Speech Contest Results

A big thank you to everyone who competed and helped with the City of London Toastmasters contest.

Humorous Speech Participants:

  • Shamim – I’m a Lego Block
  • Hugh – The Drug of the Nation
  • Noor – Dating Tips for Men
  • Paul – Behold the Man

Prepared Participants

Table Topics Participants with the question: The world is about to end in 24 hours, what would you do in your remaining time.

  • Christoph
  • Marcelo
  • Dimos
  • Hugh
  • Shamim
  • Paul
  • Noor

TT participants

Thanks to the important functionaries:

  • Time Keepers – Felicatas and Ana
  • Counters – Tian and Rachel
  • Big thanks to our 7 judges from other clubs.

The winners are:

Humorous Speech Contest

  • 1st Place: Noor
  • 2nd Place: Paul


Table Topics Speech

  • 1st Place: Paul
  • 2nd Place: Hugh
  • 3rd Place: Dimos




The first place winners will compete in the next round, the Area 58 contest.

We will be cheering and laughing with them going forward.



Regular meeting and the contest ahead


Despite being locked out due to delays on the tube, we still had a smashing meeting.

  • Leigh was our Toastmaster for the evening
  • Noor took over timekeeper duties
  • Christine our Grammarian introduced the word of the day “Meh”, a word that has recently been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary.
  • Tian was our Table Topics Master

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Ana – Hiking (Marcelo)
  • Shamim – Keep off the grass (Christine)
  • Ga Lok – The Gruffalo (Matteo)

Congratulation to Ruby, Christine and Shamim for winning best Table Topics, Evaluator and Best Speech respectively.

Paul reminded everyone that the next meeting on Tues 15th September will be the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest.

There are 3 ways for you to take part:

  1. Compete – there are 2 separate contests. All members in good standing can compete in either or both for:
    1. Prepared humorous speech contest
    2. Table topics contest
  2. Help out – this is slightly different meeting and I need to following helpers:
    1. Contest Chair – i.e. the contest Toastmaster
    2. 3 x counters
    3. 2 x timers
    4. Sargent at arms
    5. Judge a contest at another club
  3. Come and cheer on the speakers, stay for a drink and assist with the post competition analysis in the Hoop & Grapes afterwards.

We will also have visitors from other clubs who will act as independent judges for the winners. The winner of the prepared speech and the winner of the table topics will go onto to compete in the Area contest against other clubs and if they keep on winning they will compete in the District final held in Brighton to claim the ultimate prize.

Please contact Paul if you’re interested in competing or organising. If you’re competing, we can send you on the details and competition rules and if you’re helping, we can get started on getting things organised.

It’s going to be a cracking evening, hope to see you all there.
Those who want to get involved, let us know and we’ll send you on a pdf copy of the rules