Monthly Archives: July 2015

Tues 21st July meeting – lots of new faces

We had our first meeting with Paul as President and acting Toastmaster.

  • Marcelo gave his 3rd project speech on “The Brain and Neurons”
  • Shamim gave his 6th project speech on “Freedom in packed lunch”
  • Ga Lok gave an advanced speech that combined giving a toast and giving praise.

The table topics theme was on “Underwhelming local news headlines” which gave some very humorous responses including the OAP with the 2ft long courgette and the firemen who rescued a duck from the lake. Well done to all who took part and it was great to see over a dozen guests coming tonight.

The winners on the night were:

  • Best Table Topic: Jake
  • Best Evaluator: Rachel
  • Best Speech: Ga Lok

Next meeting Tuesday 4th August, see you all then.


7th July meeting – Remembering 7/7 victims

The UK fell silent for a minute on Tuesday to remember the 52 victims of the 7/7 bombings that occurred on London’s transport network 10 years ago.

Various family members of the dead, survivors and dignitaries took part in memorials around the country; a particular quote resonated with me:

“Within seconds of the bomb exploding outside BMA House on July 7 2005, a police officer at the scene shouted ‘run’.

“Almost everyone ran. Today, we remember those whose injuries meant they couldn’t run. But we also remember those whose instinct it was to run towards the bus, not away from it.”

[Jacky Berry, British Medical Association]

We are very fortunate to hold our meetings in one of the best venues in London, that earlier in the day also held a memorial service. I’d like to think that being a Toastmaster helps prepare you to deliver the most important messages, whether that’s celebrating new beginnings, giving inspiring work speeches or paying your respects to the dear people made a difference to your life.

Leigh, incoming VP Education was Toastmaster; one of our guests Tomasz, visiting from another Toastmasters club won best table topic; and I presented a short workshop on delivering speeches that 1. Engaged the audience 2. Were more than just words 3. Delivered a clear message.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine; our next meeting is on Tuesday 21st July.


Ga Lok