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Let’s Do Speakers Corner

The Blank Stare…

One of the things in public speaking that unsettles many people is the audience’s Blank Stare© – a completely non-responsive audience.

That is actually the default position for most audiences and entirely natural.

The polar opposite is full on audience interaction of the sort that can make people envy speakers enduring the Blank Stare© 

And that is the sort of feedback you get when speaking to the general public.

On that note…

Area 58 is organizing a day out at the original free speech site, Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park on Sunday 20th July. The meeting point is Marble Arch at 11.00.

There will be exercises beforehand that everyone can take part in whether you choose to speak later or not

Let’s Do Speaker Corner

It will be a very entertaining day for all involved. The bonus being that it will be taking place at arguably London’s greatest park (amoungst Regents, St James’s and Victoria).