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TEDx Russell Square – What, How and Why?

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Late one Friday evening after a few beers I came home and decided to have a browse around the internet, somehow I ended up at the webpage for an upcoming TEDx event at Russell Square. Now it is definitely a life goal of mine to deliver a TED/TEDx talk but seeing as my public speaking experience was limited to university projects and the odd business presentation I was in my eyes, by no means ready for the opportunity.
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What a Contest!

Toastmasters is all about improving, rehearsing, practising.
We are all from different backgrounds, but we realise how important is public speaking, and that’s what we have in common.

Every six month we have a contest. It all starts with the club contest, with the winner trying their luck at the next level, area contest, then district contest.

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March Newsletter

New Year, New Newsletter.  Here’s the latest updates from the last quarter and an exciting look forward to the next.  Hope you  enjoy it.

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