Monthly Archives: June 2013

5×5 Powerpoint Presentation Event

The College of Public Speaking has assembled an impressive line-up of public speakers for a charity fundraising event this coming Tuesday (the 11th of June). From the organisers:

“We’ve all heard of death by PowerPoint and individuals who have hijacked events by running hours over time with their presentations. Some enlightened companies have introduced a new format for informative group sessions. Each participant is allowed a 5 minute slot where they’re allowed to deliver a maximum of 5 PowerPoint slides. At 5 minutes, the bell rings and you’re off.

This is not a competition, it is a convivial gathering of experienced and emerging speakers demonstrating this interesting concept.”

The entrance fee is £5 which will be donated to the Yes Group’s Basket Brigade (to help disadvantaged families at Christmas).

Full details can be found on the website and the facebook page.