17th Nov meeting highlights and upcoming workshop

It’s the post Autumn conference meeting, Paul, the President opened the meeting with the latest club updates.

A welcome return from Christine as Toastmaster for the meeting; she also reminded everyone of the upcoming evolution workshop with Freddie Daniels hosted by the Data Science speakers club on Mon 23rd Nov. Booking and information can be found here:


Dimos was our timekeeper; providing his own special stage presence.

Ga Lok as Grammarian, introduced the word of the day “Solidarity” following events in Paris.

Leigh was our Table Topics Master, taking highlights from the as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests; and he provided feedback for everyone who took part.

Kylie; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Scott– His icebreaker: Stars, Sharks and Haircuts (Tian)
  • Ga Lok– The House Always Wins (Dami)
  • Paul– Negotiation techniques (Leanne)

It was thunderous meeting to match the weather; congratulations to Scott for delivering his Icebreaker speech, Ga Lok winning best speech, Leanne winning best evaluator and Tom who won best table topic.


Next meeting on Tues 1st December, we are planning a club Christmas part and details will be sent out by the end of next week.

We still have roles for the next meeting, please sign up online or get in touch with VPEs Rachel and Leigh.

Post Halloween meeting results

Everyone has survived Halloween and we had another great meeting

Paul, the President opened the meeting and gave an update on the Toastmasters Autumn conference in Swindon this weekend. More information can be found at: http://greatwesternconf.toastmasterclub.org

Hugh as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and gave a humorous introduction to public speaking.

Charlotte was our timekeeper; reminding us the importance of time, particularly for interviews and the growth of video conferences.

Blanka was a visiting Toastmaster and Grammarian, with her word of the day “Perplexed”.

Dami was our Table Topics Master, using unusual choices as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Ga Lok was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 10 table topics.

Marcelo; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 4 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Kylie– Her icebreaker: I keep scaring myself, but it just might help someone (Chris)
  • Noor– How to have great relationships (Rachel)
  • Marcelo– How to break the internet (Andy)
  • Dimos – Discover The World Of Walking (Paul)

It was a likely and action packed meeting; congratulations to Kylie for delivering her Icebreaker speech, Marcelo winning best speech, Paul winning best evaluator and Dimos who won best table topic.


Next meeting on Tues 17th November, have a great fireworks night this weekend in the meantime. We still have speaking slots and roles for the next meeting, please sign up online or get in touch with VPEs Rachel and Leigh.

TM session this evening (20th Oct)

Great meeting tonight, congratulations to Dami, Paul and Marcelo who won Best Speaker, Evaluator and Table Topic Speaker respectively.

Don’t forget the Christmas Parties coming up and the Humorous Speech district contest.

IMG_3290Happy Halloween in the meettime  Next regular meeting, Tuesday 3rd November

Area 58 Contest Results

Paul Rocks proudly represented City of London Toastmasters at the Area 58 Humorous Speech contest last night; competing in both the prepared speech and the table topic contest (The impromptu topic was: “The UK used to have compulsory military service, other countries still have it, should the UK reintroduce military service?”).

Over the past year, the number of clubs has increased, so Paul needed to compete against the best speakers from 6 different clubs in Area 58.

Despite Paul’s stirring effort, the winners were:

  • Best Table Topic – Andy O’Sullivan (Public Speakers club)
  • Best Speech – Jonathan Garrett (1st London Speakers)

The winners will go onto compete in the Division K final held on Friday 16th October – Location details to be confirmed.

Don’t forget our regular meeting is on Tues 6th October and coming soon will be information regarding our Christmas socials in December – we will be holding a club members only social and an Area 58 social.



Extra meeting 29th Sept results

Despite a power outage and some friendly help from UKPN, another excellent meeting.

Paul, the President opened the meeting and gave an update on the contest held 2 weeks. The Area 58 contest, in which Paul will be representing the club in both the humours speech and table topics contest against 6 other clubs in the area is on tonight, out our meeting venue so we have home advantage.

Rachel as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and reminded them to stretch themselves and get outside their comfort zones.

Kylie was our timekeeper; she recently joined the club and this was her first functionary role to ensure all speakers kept to time.

Felicitas was our Table Topics Master, using unusual facts as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Leanne was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 10 table topics.

Dami, another brand new member having visited several times as a guest; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Lucas– What defines me (Shamim)
  • Marcelo – How sweet is sweet enough (Leigh)
  • Olli (a visiting Toastmaster from Southampton)– My Trip to the dentist (Hugh)

It was a likely and action packed meeting; congratulations to Lucas for delivering his Icebreaker speech, Marcelo winning best speech, Leanne winning best evaluator and Ga Lok who won best table topic.


See you at the area contest on 30th Sept and the next meeting on Tuesday 6th October.

Ga Lok

Humorous Speech Contest Results

A big thank you to everyone who competed and helped with the City of London Toastmasters contest.

Humorous Speech Participants:

  • Shamim – I’m a Lego Block
  • Hugh – The Drug of the Nation
  • Noor – Dating Tips for Men
  • Paul – Behold the Man

Prepared Participants

Table Topics Participants with the question: The world is about to end in 24 hours, what would you do in your remaining time.

  • Christoph
  • Marcelo
  • Dimos
  • Hugh
  • Shamim
  • Paul
  • Noor

TT participants

Thanks to the important functionaries:

  • Time Keepers – Felicatas and Ana
  • Counters – Tian and Rachel
  • Big thanks to our 7 judges from other clubs.

The winners are:

Humorous Speech Contest

  • 1st Place: Noor
  • 2nd Place: Paul


Table Topics Speech

  • 1st Place: Paul
  • 2nd Place: Hugh
  • 3rd Place: Dimos




The first place winners will compete in the next round, the Area 58 contest.

We will be cheering and laughing with them going forward.



Regular meeting and the contest ahead


Despite being locked out due to delays on the tube, we still had a smashing meeting.

  • Leigh was our Toastmaster for the evening
  • Noor took over timekeeper duties
  • Christine our Grammarian introduced the word of the day “Meh”, a word that has recently been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary.
  • Tian was our Table Topics Master

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Ana – Hiking (Marcelo)
  • Shamim – Keep off the grass (Christine)
  • Ga Lok – The Gruffalo (Matteo)

Congratulation to Ruby, Christine and Shamim for winning best Table Topics, Evaluator and Best Speech respectively.

Paul reminded everyone that the next meeting on Tues 15th September will be the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest.

There are 3 ways for you to take part:

  1. Compete – there are 2 separate contests. All members in good standing can compete in either or both for:
    1. Prepared humorous speech contest
    2. Table topics contest
  2. Help out – this is slightly different meeting and I need to following helpers:
    1. Contest Chair – i.e. the contest Toastmaster
    2. 3 x counters
    3. 2 x timers
    4. Sargent at arms
    5. Judge a contest at another club
  3. Come and cheer on the speakers, stay for a drink and assist with the post competition analysis in the Hoop & Grapes afterwards.

We will also have visitors from other clubs who will act as independent judges for the winners. The winner of the prepared speech and the winner of the table topics will go onto to compete in the Area contest against other clubs and if they keep on winning they will compete in the District final held in Brighton to claim the ultimate prize.

Please contact Paul if you’re interested in competing or organising. If you’re competing, we can send you on the details and competition rules and if you’re helping, we can get started on getting things organised.

It’s going to be a cracking evening, hope to see you all there.
Those who want to get involved, let us know and we’ll send you on a pdf copy of the rules

City Speakers Conquering New Heights

A post from Ana Lesnaja on our latest club social:

Brecon Beacons Aug 2015


Five members of the City Speakers and two members of the Kings Cross Toastmasters clubs departed for Wales over the Bank Holiday weekend. Their destination was the Brecon Beacons national park, specifically the Pen y Fan peak.

At 886m above sea level Pen y Fan is the highest peak in South Wales and together with another peak called Corn Du was formerly referred to as the ‘Arthur’s Seat.

The journey was not without its hiccups as the security levels at Heathrow have once again been heightened against the Irish Republicans, which made it difficult for Hugh to hire the mini bus. The group also had to look after Matteo, who was regretting drinking large amounts of Turkish wine the night before. Despite these setbacks we reached the Brecon Beacons national park at about 3pm and began our ascent.

The area is rich in natural beauty and free from noise pollution, which made it the perfect respite from the chaos of London life. Our walk was moderate in its level of difficulty and suitable for both beginners like Leila and Ana and seasoned hikers like Christine. It is worth noting that as you get higher above the sea level it gets progressively colder so it is a good idea to carry some warm clothes and a hat in your backpack. Unfortunately, Gio had to learn this lesson the hard way, having hiked all the way up and down in just his shorts and T-shirt.

Ga Lok was as usual the most dedicated Toastmaster and carried 7 Toastmaster magazines to the top of Pen y Fan for the group photo that he had now entered into the Toastmasters International photo competition. Our walk finished at about 7.30pm, however, our adventures did not stop there.

Having arrived at the nearby town of Abergavenny at about 9pm we discovered that most restaurants had already finished serving food and we had to do another exploration trip up and down the high street in search of our dinner. We eventually were rescued from hunger by a local Indian restaurant who supplied plenty of chicken tikka masalas and baltis to keep everyone happy.

We departed back to London the next morning. All in all, this was a great trip. A nice opportunity to get out of London, do some exercise and breathe some truly fresh air. It was also fantastic to meet the members of another Toastmasters club and to get to know everyone better.

Many thanks to the organisers Hugh and Ga Lok.


The picture, taken at the peak from left to right: Gio, Christine, Leyla, Ga Lok, Matteo, Hugh and Ana. More photos can be found on our Facebook page; our regular meetings will be continuing this year, every 1st, 3rd and if it exists 5th Tuesday at the big church next to Aldgate station (see homepage for the next meeting). Our meetings always finish with drinks at the Hoop and Grapes pub and we will be planning  even more socials with other clubs in the next few months. If you would like to find out more or even get involved in organising our events, then just have a chat to our committee members at our next meeting.

Hope you had a great Bank Holiday, Ga Lok

Meeting 18th Aug results

A great meeting based on the theme of EXAMs


Paul, the President opened the meeting to encourage everyone to get involved and gave a reminder that the club Humorous Speech Contest will be held on Tuesday 15th September – all City of London Toastmaster members are eligible to compete, so please contact Paul for more info.

Ga Lok opened the theme of Exams and that Toastmasters is a place where you can’t fail, you can only get better.

Leigh was our timekeeper and chief tax exam expert.

Charlotte our Grammarian introduced the word of the day “Wan”, a word she picked up back in her A Level study days.

Ana was our Table Topics Master gave a whirlwind set of topics for our members and guests.

Henry, a visiting Australian Toastmaster was our Topics Evaluator; he has been a guest for several meetings and will be missed as he heads back to the other side of the world next week.

Ivelina, a visiting Toastmaster from Kings Cross introduced our guests, she recently became a Toastmaster and did her icebreaker with 8 hours notice.

We had 4 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Christoph – The forgotten holiday destination (Marcelo)
  • Tian – You are what your ancestors ate (Leigh)
  • Noor – How to make a successful career transition (Christine)
  • Paul – Advanced speech on Conversing with Ease (Hugh)

Rachel then gave her General Evaluator report and will be gracing her presence in other clubs to do her external GE soon.

It was a likely and action packed meeting; congratulations to Christoph winning best speech, Hugh winning best evaluator and Geoff (a guest) who won best table topic.

See you at the next meeting on Tuesday 1st September.

Ga Lok

What can Toastmasters do for me?

Thoughts from our new Club President – Paul Rocks:

“In my experience,  most guests or a potential new members main question on turning up is “What can toastmasters do for me?” I am going to tell you about what the toastmasters programs have done for  me since I first joined, five years ago.

It’s been a long time since my first speech,  I remember the day well, I had researched and rehearsed everything.  I was prepared for everything, except the unexpected wave of apprehension that washed over me.  You expect it, you prepare for it, but until you experience it, it’s only a concept in your head.  However, the preparation I’d made according to the guidelines in my manual, the repeated practice of the speech that I had done allowed me to side step the effect of the nerves to get through the initial stage and then I was able to focus on the delivery of my speech. 2 months later, I hosted the IT department monthly meeting, in front of 300 people, without notes

Last year I interviewed for 2 jobs. The evaluation, speaking and team skills I have learned from hosting meetings, giving feedback, organising events, impromptu speaking via table topics and delivering prepared speeches meant I was extremely well prepared.  I literally had everything timed down to the last second in terms of my personal statement, the description of my roles and how it was of relevance to my prospective employers. The preparation and skills I learned from evaluation and being Toastmaster were particularly effective on helping me prepare everything so I could deliver my ideas and get my points across in the interview. The skills learned from table topics mind allowed me to think on my feet when i was caught off guard with something. I was offered both jobs.

The Toastmaster  program offers you several ways to develop. You develop your speaking skills by doing impromptu speaking with table topics and prepared speeches from your competent communicator manual. You develop further communication and leadership skills by giving evaluations, one of the most valuable soft skills you can learn. Your leadership roles are developed by fulfilling roles and following the projects in your leadership skills manual

Leadership, team work, organising meetings, time keeping, organising events, team work. Giving constructive informative feedback, being able to speak about a topic you’ve not prepared for confidently, being able to prepare a speech, technical talk or presentation on any topics….If that is you want to learn, at your own pace for a a fraction of an expensive crash course, then toastmasters is the right choice for you.

For me, its been the cheapest but best value, most practical thing I have done in terms of public speaking and soft skills improvement. Can’t say more than that.”

Thanks Paul, see him in action giving his latest advanced speech this Tuesday 18th August.