30th June – mysteries, media, happiness and being a pilot

The 5th Tuesday of the month, it’s like the buy 2 get the 3rd free deal for Toastmasters meetings.


Congratulations to Ana Lesnaja  for completing her icebreaker “A little bit about me” which included lots of murder mystery dinners.

Dimos Mouskovias delivered his 8th Speech project “The changing face of media storage”

Hugh McCarthy told us about how to be happy in his 9th speech project entitled “The secret to :-)

Sergey Zabelin visiting from Holborn Speakers gave an educational speech on “How to be become a pilot”

In the end, there can only be one set of winners; congratulations to Hugh for winning Best Prepared Speech and Onyeum, a former member 4 years ago who returned to visit the club and get back involved, won Best Table Topic.

Next meeting on Tuesday 7th July, and don’t forget the drinks and pizza social on Friday in Convent Garden.

CoLT welcomes another Competent Communicator and new member icebreaker

Great meeting on Tuesday with four fantastic speakers and a load of new guests.


Well done to John Paul O’Leary, completing his 10th speech “Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone” to complete his Competent Communicator Manual.


Well done to Tian Yang for breaking the ice with his speech “No Regrets” and winning best speaker.
Ga Lok picked up best table topics and best evaluator.


Look forward to the next meeting on Tuesday 30th June.

The 2015 CoLT Newsletter has arrived

Highlights of the fantastic year and what we will be looking forward to in the coming months.

June 2015 CoLT Newsletter

Ga Lok

Club President

Results Tues 2nd June Meeting

Great meeting this evening, congratulations to Noor who completed his Icebreaker tonight.


Also many congratulations to the following winners for the evening:

  • Best Table Topic – Dami
  • Best Evaluator – Ga Lok
  • Best Speaker – Shamim


New 2015/16 Committee for City of London Toastmasters club

Following the officer elections on Tuesday 19th May; I’m delighted to announce the new committee that will be supporting the City of London Toastmasters (CoLT) club effective from 1st July 2015; helping all our guests and members to make the most of their public speaking journey.

It’s a farewell – to the current committee!! But a new set of fresh faces to keep the CoLT the best club in London! A note of thanks to David Charles, Isaya Taingwa, Mahir Hamurcu, Monika Bochra and Tom Hunt that held key roles in the 2014/15 committee and will now be involved in other opportunities.

Paul Rocks  Club President
I have been a member of City Speakers for several years now. I’ve completed the competent communicator, competent leader and the advanced communicator Bronze aware. I now want to use the skills I’ve learned here want to help other people the same way toastmasters has helped me over the years. 
Rachel De CesaroLeigh Clark

Vice President of Education
Challenge motivates me and I’m thankful to Toastmaster for providing me that, either by delivering speeches, by taking a role or as a committee member. As VPE shared role, I hope to get members involved and excited about completing their CC manuals! I’m counting on you for that! 

I’ve been a member of City of London Toastmasters for over a year and is close to completing my Competent Communicator award.  I’m keen to help ensure CoLT remains a popular club and to encourage all its members to make the most of development opportunities that exist both within the club and in the wider Toastmasters organisation.

Leanne Wenham Vice President of Membership
I joined Toastmasters over two years ago and it has made such a difference to my public speaking skills; I can’t recommend it highly enough. When I’m not at the computer working on my next speech you might find me exploring one of London’s many eateries or running in my local park.
Dimos Mouskovias Vice President Mentoring
I have been a member of City Of London Speakers for a number of years now and can honestly say that the benefits gained have improved my life both professionally and socially.

By day I work as an IT specialist for a City Law firm and by night I enjoy ‘treading the boards’ of a local Amateur Dramataics Society I belong to, which I should add would not be possible had Toastmasters not provided me the confidence and skills to present myself on stage.

Christine Harris Club Treasurer
I have been a member of City of London Toastmasters for more than 4 years and have benefitted enormously from Toastmasters.  I have gone from avoiding speaking in public at all costs, to putting myself forward to give presentations, speaking at conferences and applying for a job I never thought I’d get. Who knows what Toastmasters will help me to do next!
Tom O’Toole Sergeant at Arms
I am a projects manager for a construction company. I enjoy all things construction and I am passionate about food, health, fitness and yoga outside of work. I love toastmasters and I am excited to be part of the committee for the coming year!
Ga Lok Chung Immediate Past President

It’s been an immense pleasure being President this year, getting to all the members not only in my own club, but also building relationships with clubs across London.

It will be another exciting year ahead of workshops, dinners and of course speeches. Signing off;

Ga Lok Chung, Departing City of London Toastmasters club President

More Ice-breakers

Congratulations to Christoph and Marcelo who started their Toastmaster Journey, completing their Icebreakers tonight.


Our awards winners from the meeting this evening:
Best Table Topic: Jessica
Best Evaluator: Leanne
Best Speaker: Marcelo

Well done and see you all at the next meeting, Tuesday 2nd June


District 91 Spring Conference

 Over the weekend (9th -10th May) District 91 held it’s annual Spring Conference and we saw the first International Speech contest at Evaluation Contest awards for this new District. Held at the 5 star Grange Hotel in Tower Hill, just a short walk from our own Toastmasters venue (St Botolph’s Church).


There has been a lot of change and excitement over the past year. Due to the growth and popularity of Toastmasters across the UK particularly in London, a brand new District was created to cover UK South. Known as District 91 and effective since July 2014, this provided greater opportunities for people to take part, learn and continue being empowered to develop their communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

So it was important for the first District 91 Spring Conference to go off with a bang; it certainly didn’t disappoint, featuring contests, workshops, dinner, dancing and good times to catch with old friends and meet new acquaintances.

dinner picture

The contests in the Spring Conference are for speech and evaluations; all of the contestants have battled through their Club, Area and Division contests over the past 3 months to get these finals – the winner of the Speech contest going on to represent UK South at the Finals being held in Las Vegas this year.

The calibre was incredible and plenty of inspiring thoughts. Congratulations to Jeremy Robinson (NZICA Bank Speakers) who won the Speech Contest and Alex De Jong (North Avon Speakers) who won the evaluation contest.

Coming up is the Autumn Conference in Swindon from 7-8th November and will feature the table topics and humorous speech contests. More information and details to book will be available soon – so keep an eye out.

Ga Lok Chung – Club President

So, last week we hosted the Area 58 International Speech and Evaluation Contests…

Taking place on Thursday 26th March, Area 56 comprises of:
1st London Toastmasters

  • Broadgate Speakers
  • City of London Speakers
  • MLP London Bridge Speakers
  • Woodford Green Speakers
  • PMI UK

And guess what?

Our president bought home the bacon…

Area 58 Contest March 2015

Yes, Ga Lok came in with Best Evaluation for two years running!

Though we must also congratulate David Sterling of 1st London Toastmasters for winning best speech.

Can G-Lizzle go forward to win at the nationals? Only time will tell…

The GE Challenge

My heroes are the people that transform perceptions of what is possible and what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.  Take for instance Roger Bannister; for year’s experts stated that the human body was simply not capable of a 4-minute mile.  It wasn’t just dangerous; it was impossible – yet in May 1954, he accomplished this feat. What make’s it so interesting is that there were no sudden catalysts such as technology that enabled him to achieved this, he simply had the certainty in himself that he could do the un-doable. Once he crashed through that barrier, the rest of the world saw that it was possible, and the 4-minute mile challenge has since been broken routinely.

For my more modest Toastmaster themed challenge – we encourage speakers to leave their notes off the stage yet I have never seen a General Evaluation completed without notes. The General Evaluator is usually a visitor to another Toastmaster club and responsible for the evaluation of the entire meeting and all the functionaries combining a tricky triple task of:

1. Using your public speaking techniques

2. Giving constructive feedback to everyone

3. Rapidly familiarising yourself with a group of strangers

Is it un-doable to give a great General Evaluation without notes?

My challenge: Complete 20 General Evaluations without any notes before my tenure as City of London club President ends in June 2015.

Since November I’ve completed 8 and another 5 are scheduled in over the next few weeks. The jaw dropping feedback has been fantastic as I’ve become more and more comfortable with the challenge; now I’m hoping that with every club visit I’m breaking the barrier and inspiring more people to go for it.

For those of you who want to take up the challenge, the 3 most common questions I get asked are:

How do remember everyone’s name?

Preparation. Request a copy of the agenda before the meeting and make a point of introducing yourself to each functionary whilst people are settling down at the start and in the break.

How do you remember all the feedback?

Conciseness. You’ve got 10 mins, to give feedback to about 11 people. Don’t get lost in pages of notes and details, just focus on the 2 or 3 observations that really stood out in the meeting for each person.

Do you use any memory tricks?

Apart from preparation and conciseness? I appreciate that every person who goes up to speak wants to improve, so I’ll always put something in help them. If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work.

Written by Ga Lok Chung

Vincent Is Famous!


We have a cause for celebration…

As we all know, Vincent recently completed his Competent Communicator manual at the end of 2014 AND he then managed to get a mention in the prestigious London Toastmasters newsletter.

Click here to browse for yourself.

Well done Vincent!