And the winner is ….

A fantastic Toastmasters Division K workshop and contest today – at this level you are seeing the very best public speakers in London competing against each other for the Division title and the honour of competing in the District (National) final.

In some very tight voting, I’m pleased to say Andrew Osayemi with his speech “No, No, No” and myself, Ga Lok Chung was victorious in the Speech and Evaluation contests respectively. Woo Hoo !!!

I’d like to especially thank Rachel and Paul who celebrated with me till the very end, plus Christine, Jack and Annette offering words of support. However, it’s really our entire club; City of London Toastmasters that made this happen. It is our community, our friendship and never ending encouraging that creates success for all of our members.

On a personal level, in my 8 years as Toastmaster; I’ve made it to the Division final three times, and each time previously I’ve lost. But I didn’t really lose; I came back better, more focussed and more determined and this would not have been possible without members at this club. Whatever happens at the national final, I’m proud to represent this club, the most “rock and roll club” in London – take it from my own experience, keep knocking on that door and you will get an answer.

What happens next:

  1. I’ll be bringing the Division K winners “shield” at our Tuesday 3rd May meeting. I hope to see most of you there.
  2. The District 91 final will be during the District conference on the 7th/8th May. This year it’s held in central London, just 15 mins walk away from our usual meeting venue. It will be a fantastic showcase of workshops (the Toastmasters 2015 World Champion Mohammed Qahtani will be hosting one. David Taylor author of bestseller “The Naked Leader” will also open the conference along with a host of others); network with Toastmasters who have come from across the UK and of course the contests. I will be competing in the Saturday afternoon Evaluation contest. Full information to register can be found here:

Have a fantastic weekend and thank you;

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Ga Lok

19th April Meeting highlights


Paul opened the meeting, reflecting on the importance of growth within Toastmasters.

Marcelo as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and expertly guided the meeting this evening.

Tom D was our timekeeper; reminding us the importance of time.

Jack was our Table Topics Master, using the theme of emotions as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Leanne was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 8 table topics!

Rachel; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 2 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Scott– “How Diversity Affects Netflix” – a thoroughly engaging and insightful talk around the benefits of having diversity to solve problems (Charlotte)
  • Tian – “The 93%” – Turning the concept of a speech on it’s head, that content is only 7% of a speech (Paul)

It was a lively and Spring fresh meeting; congratulations to  Ga Lok winning best Table Topic and Leanne who won best Evaluator.

Peter, the Area 58 Director also visited to present Ga Lok with the Area 58 Evaluation contest winner award . Ga Lok will be representing Area 58 in the Division K contest this Saturday 23rd April. It’s a full day event with workshops, networking and of course the speech and evaluation contest. Free to all members, more details and registration can be found here

Next meeting Tues 3rd May, see you all there.

Area 58 results and details of next Division contest – International Speech Contest


On Weds 30th April, St Botolph’s hosted the Area 58 International Speech contest. Comprised of 8 clubs; it was going to be a very competitive evening as the winners of each club in the Area delivered their speeches.

Ga Lok Chung, having won both club contests on 15th March was representing City of London Toastmasters in the Speech contest and the Evaluation contest.

The Results:

  • Ga Lok won 1st Place in the Evaluation contest (now a hat-trick of Area 58 wins since 2014)
  • Ga Lok placed 3rd Place in the Speech contest (1st place went to Jonathan Garrett from First London Toastmasters club)

Ga Lok and Jonathan will now progress to the next round to represent the Area at the Division contest.

Division K Contest details

  • It will be on Saturday 23rd April
  • Hosted at the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf
  • The day will be a mixture of speech workshops as well as the two contests
  • Registration details on EventBrite will be sent out soon


All the best to Ga Lok as he competes against the best speakers in London in a few weeks time.

Quick reminder for Tues and Weds

Happy Easter – this week we have a double treat:

  • Regular meeting on Tuesday 29th March
  • Area contest on Wednesday 30th March – see the best speakers from the  8 clubs in our area face off in the speech and evaluation contest

Snacks and treats are being provided – both sessions will be at our usual venue St Botolph’s Church, doors open 6:30pm; with plenty of guests across the 8 clubs competing.


International Speech Contest – club results

On Tuesday night, we held our speech contest – great job by Rachel as Contest Chair, she was supported by Noor (Chief Judge), Ana (Sargent at Arms), Graham (Timer), Kylie (Timer), Tom P (Counter) and Tom D (Counter)  to make sure the evening went smoothly. We also wish to thank all the judges visiting from other clubs.
In the Evaluation Contest – evaluating the mystery speech by Tom Donnelly (Holborn Speakers) entitled “Lad Culture”. The competitors were:
  • Christine Harris
  • Leigh Clark
  • Felicitas Weber
  • Ga Lok Chung
  • Leanne Wenham
  • Paul Rocks
The Evaluation contest was won by Ga Lok Chung
In the Speech Contest, the competitors with their speech titles were:
  • Marcelo Prado – Cloud Computing
  • Ga Lok Chung – Set The Bar
  • Paul Rocks – The Elephant In The Room
  • Christine Harris – Are you experiencing network connectivity problems?
The Speech contest was won by Ga Lok Chung
Well done to Ga Lok who will be representing the club at the Area 58 contest on Weds 30th March @ St Botolph’s Church – home advantage! We hope that people can come along to support Ga Lok and also help during the evening as a judge other functionaries.
Next Tues 29th March, just after the Bank Holiday Weekend will be our regular meeting and we look forward to seeing you there.

1st of March Meeting Highlights


Paul opened the meeting and also reminded everyone that that International Speech contest season has kicked off, our own club contest will be at the next meeting on Tues 15th March.

Felicitas as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and highlighted that the first of March is a special day of celebration for many countries around the world.

Kylie was our timekeeper; reminding us the importance of time.

Leanne our Grammarian, with her word of the day “Euphoric”.

Leigh was our Table Topics Master, using key news stories and anecdotes as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Charlotte was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 9 table topics!

Dimos; introduced our new guests for the evening. Dimos will also be appearing in an amateur production coming soon.

We had 4 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Johnny – a guest from First London club, with his speech “The Power of 1” (Tian)
  • Noor – “Challenges of Being a Social Entrepreneur”  (Jack)
  • Hugh – “Icebreaker 2: Supersize Hugh” (Ana)
  • Paul – Diffusing Verbal Criticism (Ga Lok)

Despite the cold, it was a lively and action packed meeting; congratulations to Hugh for completing his Competent Communicator manual; Johnny winning best speech, Ga Lok winning best evaluator and Darrell who won best table topic.

Next meeting Tues 15th March, where it will be contest night, see you all there.

2nd Feb 2016 meeting notes


Ga Lok, stepping in for Paul opened the meeting and talked about being featured in the meeting again! (though we’ve also been mentioned in this week’s London Speaker)

Leigh as Toastmaster welcomed everyone and gave a humorous introduction to public speaking.

Marcelo was our timekeeper; reminding us the importance of time.

Dimos our Grammarian, with his word of the day “Jocular”.

Ga Lok was our Table Topics Master, using failed Guinness Book of Records as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests.

Leanne was our Topics Evaluator; giving encouragement and feedback to all 10 table topics.

Felicitas; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Jack – His icebreaker: The Past, Present and Future Me (Dami)
  • Charlotte – Time to Talk (Rachel)
  • Ana – The Island of Knights (Christine)

It was a lively and action packed meeting; congratulations to Jack for delivering his Icebreaker speech and winning best speech, Leanne winning best evaluator and Will who won best table topic (the record breaking saying “Are we there yet?” the most number of times in the back of a Toyota)

Next meeting Tues 16th Feb, see you all there.

Featured in latest Toastmasters International Magazine

A Happy New Year to everyone, and I’ve some great news to start us off in 2016.

City of London Toastmasters has been featured in the monthly International magazine that goes out to all 300K + members around the world. For those who receive the hard copy, it will be January 2016 edition, page 21; it’s also available on the digital edition of log onto the website.

The quick feature relates to the social aspect to Toastmasters and our brilliant trip to the Brecon Beacons earlier this year. Ana’s write up of the event:

City Speakers Conquering New Heights

(Looks like carrying those stack of magazines up the biggest peak wasn’t so silly after all, haha)

It’s not just the public speaking parts that makes clubs great, it’s the community we build to have fun. It’s down to each and everyone one of you, Past and Present members who are willing to put yourselves out there to overcome the biggest fear.  At this time of year we’ll be getting more guests than usual, so I hope to see you all telling them that City of London Toastmasters is the undisputed most Rock n’ Roll club in London!

A reminder that our next meeting is Tuesday 19th Jan, my usual messages around requesting speeches and signing up to functionary roles to get your CC and CL awards.

The committee will be actively organising more socials; lets all make 2016 an awesome year – I’ll see you at the next meeting.

Ga Lok

(snapshot of feature in link below)

Clubs Having Fun

Merry Xmas

To all of our members and guests, including those virtual visitors. A quick Merry Christmas and wishing you a fantastic New Year from the City of London Toastmasters committee.

Improving Public Speaking is a popular New Year’s resolution, so we tend to be busier with guests and new joiners during January and February, it’s a great time to meet new people and get back into accomplishing those goals, we do ask that those keen to complete a speech early 2016 should request a speech slot sooner to get your spot.

Don’t forget to like us and keep up to date on the following channels


All the best

CoLT committee

17th Nov meeting highlights and upcoming workshop

It’s the post Autumn conference meeting, Paul, the President opened the meeting with the latest club updates.

A welcome return from Christine as Toastmaster for the meeting; she also reminded everyone of the upcoming evolution workshop with Freddie Daniels hosted by the Data Science speakers club on Mon 23rd Nov. Booking and information can be found here:

Dimos was our timekeeper; providing his own special stage presence.

Ga Lok as Grammarian, introduced the word of the day “Solidarity” following events in Paris.

Leigh was our Table Topics Master, taking highlights from the as the basis for impromptu speaking for our members and guests; and he provided feedback for everyone who took part.

Kylie; introduced our new guests for the evening.

We had 3 great speeches tonight (their speech evaluators in brackets):

  • Scott– His icebreaker: Stars, Sharks and Haircuts (Tian)
  • Ga Lok– The House Always Wins (Dami)
  • Paul– Negotiation techniques (Leanne)

It was thunderous meeting to match the weather; congratulations to Scott for delivering his Icebreaker speech, Ga Lok winning best speech, Leanne winning best evaluator and Tom who won best table topic.


Next meeting on Tues 1st December, we are planning a club Christmas part and details will be sent out by the end of next week.

We still have roles for the next meeting, please sign up online or get in touch with VPEs Rachel and Leigh.